Bicycle tourism: industry opportunities and challenges

The bicycle tourism industry, despite its burgeoning success, is still in its infancy and remains a relatively primitive industry. This is exciting, as the journey has only just begun and there is so much opportunity and potential ahead!

Among the industry’s key opportunities are:

  • Most destinations can get started easily and for minimal investment
  • A variety of audience segments provides multiple opportunities
  • New and enhanced local business opportunities
  • Cycling events are a great way to promote your region as a bicycle tourism destination

The industry also faces a number of challenges. Among them:

  • The industry is fragmented with limited consolidation or collaboration.
  • The industry is characterized by a very large number of small players, each with limited marketing budgets.
  • Information isn’t easy to find.
  • Businesses don’t know how to engage with cyclists, or what they need.
  • Destinations don’t know where to start to start providing for, and attracting cyclists.