Bicycle tourism: Key industry facts

Bicycle tourism: transforming destinations across the world, for the better.

  • Local Governments receive more than US$13.3 billion directly back in tax revenue from their local bicycle tourism industry.
  • Globally, the bicycle tourism industry provides over 847,000 jobs.
  • In Europe alone, there are 2.3 billion cycle tourism trips each year, representing $44 billion Euros.
  • The global bicycle tourism industry is worth more than 3 times that of the bicycle product industry.
  • There is currently a 550% growth opportunity in both the US and Australia.
  • Mobile searches for cycling destinations increased by over 40% in 2017.
  • The world’s top bicycle tourism destinations generate millions of local dollars annually.
  • Bicycle tourism is the fastest growing outdoor travel sector.
  • The largest growth markets in bicycle sales are electric and gravel bikes.
  • Cyclists are very appreciative of the services offered by local destinations – they’ve worked hard to get there
  • A strong local cycling culture will contribute to a strong bicycle tourism culture.
  • Bicycle tourism is a sustainable industry.
  • Bicycle tourists tend to stay longer and spend more.