Bicycle tourists: Who are they?

Bicycle tourists come in all sizes, shapes and forms, from all walks of life and from a wide range of backgrounds. They are young and old, male and female, those experienced and those new to riding, the fit and the not-so-fit… 

Bicycle tourists are mountain bikers, road and gravel cyclists, bike-packers and sightseers. Each segment has slightly different needs and are looking for slightly different experiences.

Generally, bicycle tourists tend to:

  • have a university education
  • be relatively affluent
  • seek quality, meaningful, authentic experiences
  • stay longer and spend more in the destinations they visit
  • support local businesses with the money they spend
  • connect with locals and explore off the beaten path
  • tell all their friends and relatives about their ride (FREE advertising)

Bicycle tourists have unique needs. Understanding what these are, and being able to provide them, will ensure cyclists love your destination.

Many of these needs are very simple to cater for through provision of:

  • Portable, packaged food as snacks during a ride
  • Secure bike parking
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Laundry facilities
  • Bike wash
  • Mechanics toolkits
  • Spare parts
  • Luggage transport
  • Shuttle services
  • Local guides