Equipment for cycling adventures

Travel restrictions are easing to varying extents across the country and in different regions.

Lo and behold, cyclists – those veteran to the sport and those newer to the sport who have more recently purchased new bikes – are wanting to get out and explore, near and far. Who can blame them?!

Bike retailers have spent the early part of this year selling and servicing more bikes than they could possibly keep up with. July-August and maybe beyond is looking like there will be a slump in supply and delivery. As a bike retailer, what can you do?

How about on-selling to your recent customers to help them with all the gear they need to get kitted up for outdoor adventures, journeys by bike and explorations. Short or long adventures, a few hours or a few days, there are always accessories that any cyclist needs. And, hey, if you can contribute to the momentum and motivation to keep more people riding, this is a win-win: for you, for them, for the health of our planet and our people.

The rise in popularity of gravel bikes and gravel events is testament alone to the numbers of people choosing to explore by bike, seeking new adventures and to embrace an outdoor lifestyle.

There are many ways you can help your local customers to go explore by bike!

  1. Gear up

You know your local customers best and if you don’t – it’s time to start asking and finding out who they are and what are their key interests. What do they need to do the type of exploring that’s best suited in your region and nearby?

Is it bike-packing and overnight adventures? In which case, make sure you’ve got a great range of panniers and frame bags etc.

Is it family picnics? – front baskets, water bottles, handlebar bags…

What season is it, and what’s your local climate? Mid-winter bike-packing adventures in the mountains aren’t out of the question if you’ve got the right gear. ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ right?!

Handlebar bags such as this one from @Attaquer are ideal for a range of audiences and purposes.

2. Knowledge share

Be ready to make some suggestions for riding in your local area. Where are the best tracks and trails? And for different audience types? Chances are, you already know this, but are you passing on the info? Make sure you ask your customers where they’re riding, what their future plans are, and if they need any help with ideas.

Help your customers explore new horizons by introducing them to some of the great online route planning tools and platforms. The bike icon on Google maps is a great place to start, and then there’s the plethora of options that those of us in the industry are likely familiar with, but for which many others have not heard of – Strava global heat map to see where others ride; Ride With GPS; Komoot; All Trails; Trail Forks and others.

3. Promote the opportunities to explore by bike

image credit: Tony Pham, Unsplash

Some of your customers – particularly new ones – might not be aware of the opportunities exploring by bike presents. Engage them, market to them, and make them aware of the new freedom and possibilities the bike presents.

If you have an existing e-news bulletin, be sure to schedule this info in; and let your local customers know what products you’ve got to help them on their way. Suggest some places they can go. Let them know what they’re likely to need. Give them some inspiration!

Hero image credit: Kevin Schmid, Unsplash