Destination Marketing

In 2019 Anna worked closely with three Councils of the NSW Southern Tablelands to help identify, assess and market bicycle tourism opportunities in the Upper Lachlans, Hilltops and Queanbeyan-Palerang regions.

This work involved the facilitation of stakeholder workshop and business training sessions; identification of existing bicycle tourism opportunities; connecting local business; identifying gaps in the product and service offerings; providing clear and strategic recommendations for a path to bicycle tourism success; audience identification; brand development; marketing messages and approach. in addition, Anna was responsible for route planning and mapping, inspiring imagery and compelling content development to document the ride routes she identified.

Through this work, Anna helped her clients to better understand:

  • If their destination has what it takes to offer great cycling experiences
  • What needs to be done to make it better
  • What differentiates them from the many other bicycle tourism destinations popping up
  • How to create their own unique value proposition and brand
  • How to train or upskill local businesses to provide what cyclists need
  • How to better market and promote their destination directly to cyclists

Using a low-cost, minimal-intervention approach, Anna identified a 3-6-12 month strategic roadmap to success for each destination. Anna’s work helped place each destination on the bicycle tourism map, creating greater awareness and ultimately attracting more bicycle tourists to each region and for local business.

Anna was able to utilise her extensive networks, industry knowledge and resources to market to the niche audience looking specifically for the types of experiences offered in each destination. She was also successful in securing a partnership with, and developing an itinerary and local business sponsorship for the country’s preeminent Cyclist Australia/New Zealand magazine to promote Big Ride feature articles to an audience of over 100,000 keen cyclists.

Other destinations with which Anna has provided similar services include:

  • Visit Mississippi, MS USA
  • Visit Canberra, ACT Government Aus