Human-centred design

Throughout her career, Anna has had extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative audience research – online and in-person. Anna’s depth of experience enables her to ask the pertinent questions to obtain the insights necessary for business growth, development and improvement.

In her quest to continually seek business and product developments as Global Operations Manager for CycleLifeHQ, Anna designed, developed and implemented various human-centred design research projects, utilising a number of outreach and communication methods. These included the establishment of online survey tools, social media polls, email distributions, on-ground surveys, and through the use of competition incentives.

Anna sought to understand the competitive environment by identifying and researching worthy rivals; and used this as a partial basis from which to elicit user experience and identify market gaps.

Outcomes from this research and Anna’s careful analysis of results helped to formulate critical business improvements and pivots, responding to market and consumer needs which helped the company expand and increase its audience.